1600 Years Plus Only A Few

While at Bryce Canyon in Utah, I went up to Rainbow Point with the desire to hike the Bristlecone Pine Loop and see a Bristlecone Pine tree which is thought to be the oldest living organism (non-colonial). It was a short hike to the overlook on which they grow. I never saw a […]

Sunrise at the North Rim

I watched the sunrise over the North Rim on both our days at the Grand Canyon. Light comes gradually to the surrounding, but the sun seems to burst over the canyon rim in less than 2 minutes. The first day, I managed to be the first out to Bright Angel Point and interrupted […]

Ragged Mountain Preserve, Connectitcut

While staying in Hartford, CT on business I had the opportunity to go for an early morning hike through the Ragged Mountain Preserve.


Summer Tanager in Ragged Mountain Park

There is something about the forest of the East Coast that is different than forests in the Midwest.  They seem older.  The trees may be […]

Recreating a River



An artificial but pleasing and functional meander



I still don’t quite understand all the construction occurring in Hansen Park. Half of the new retention ponds (‘The Tosa Strip Mine” as some not-so-fondly call it) have been fenced off and digging and drilling is occurring where the […]