Web 2.0 Nature Style

While I’m only occasionally a naturalist, I spend most of time in the always-on world of IT.  Lately, I’ve been doing quite a bit of work in the Social Networking space or as its been coined, ‘Web 2.0’.  Web 2.0 refers to the second generation of the Internet that emphasizes the user.  User-centric design and […]

Where do these clouds belong?

"Summer" Clouds on Barker Road

Summer’s in Wisconsin are supposed to be hot and muggy.  This time of the year should be about are warmest.  However, this Saturday we were expected to reach a high of 67 degrees.  As I rode my bike through Brookfield this afternoon, I realized how much it looked like […]

Don’t Tap on the Glass

Here’s two views of the same 2-3 acre wetland sandwhiched in Novi, Michigan (Detroit Suburb).  The letter of the law in preserving wetlands was potentially adhered a bit too closely here.  At first I liked this little oasis of a nature preserve, but then realized its more like an aquarium than a preserve.  Its not […]

First Cicada

Cicadas welcome in the dog days of summer.  I was surprised to hear one today as its been a cool summer and I normally think of them as an August entrant in the natural cycle, but as of 10am this morning there was one out trying to coax the summer heat into coming out.

Is that a Turkey?

Wikimedia Commons Photo

I have yet to photograph a Pileated Woodpecker, but its one of the birds that stands most in my memories.  This bird, for me, helped reinforce an evolving ethical framework and a deeping appreciation for nature.  It helped me realize that I have so much to learn and society overall has […]

Trout Rises, Whip-poor-wills and Other Night Noises

A Central Wisconsin Trout Stream

Trout make all sorts of sounds.  When taking prey off the water’s surface, they can sip, slurp, splash, or even ‘chunk’.  I’ve been making an annual pilgrimage to the rivers in Central Wisconsin for the summer Hex (mayflies) Hatch

Observing nature and fly fishing go hand-in-hand.  I managed to […]

The First Firefly of the Season


Firefly Trails (Wikimedia Commons Photo)

Saw the first fireflies of the season here in Wisconsin.  Its unseasonably cold right now and their emergence is consequently probably a few weeks later than normal.  There are just a few out tonight and, while anecdotal, their blinking seems slower than normal.  We have some warmer weather […]