Where have the Nighthawks gone?

Nighthawks were a common site over the skies in Wauwatosa when I was growing up.  I only saw them occassionaly in the past few years.  Now, none this year.  Most nights after supper I wander outside to scan the dusk skies, but only spy an occassional seagull.  Where have the nighthawks gone?

Is it habitat […]

Frog Alley

Normally, in suburbia, the names of roads indicate something that was once there but has since been destroyed to make way for the roads and subdivisions bearing its name.  Maybe Vernon Marsh is too far out from Suburbia to have this hold true or maybe the protected marsh is just too big, but in the […]

Heat + Humidity = Cicadas

I heard the first Cicada on July 12th this year, but it wasn’t until today that truly came out.  Over the past few weeks, I would occassionally hear a Cicada for a few minutes only to have it go quiet almost right away.  Today, the temperature reached almost 90 and the humidity was just as […]


Be careful if you blink because you might miss summer this year in Wisconsin.  We apparently have some warm weather headed our way this weekend, but I did remember it is actually summer when I heard the first crickets of the season this evening.