Ken Burn’s National Parks Documentary

I’m enjoying Ken Burn’s documentary on our National Parks immensely. He’s telling a wonderful story about American’s journey through Conservation. I’m enjoying it though on another very different level. Below, is a documentary my son (13 at the time) did last year on John Muir for National History Day project. He used many of the […]

Flock or Murder?

Its a flock of birds, but a murder of crows.  But what’s a bunch of turkey vultures?  I actually never knew they flocked or murdered together.  I’ve been seeing more turkey vultures in Wisconsin over the past few years.  Here we encountered about a dozen of them sunning their feathers on a farmer’s fence.  They […]

Whitewater Kayaking on Wisconsin’s Wolf River

Learning to surf a wave

I took my son and two of his friends for a whitewater kayaking lesson on the Wolf River in White Lake Wisconsin.  I had been here 20 years prior for lessons of my own and remember the area fondly.  I looked for the place I had took lessons from but […]