Fall Woodpeckers

Now that the leaves are off the trees, the woods are filled with two noticeable residents.  Squirrels and woodpeckers.  The woodpeckers are probably always there, but are now much easier to spot.  At my feeder and in the woods near my house, I usually see Downy and the Red-bellied Woodpeckers.  The Red-bellied has a red […]

Fall Migration Hold Out

Great Blue Heron in November

I always equate herons with summer or warmer climates, so I was rather surprised to see this one land in Hoyt Park on the day after Thanksgiving.  It was only about 30 degrees this morning as it landed in the marsh (Tosa Strip Mine for those familiar) and began […]

Hidden Nature

Great Horned Owl on its Roost in Hansen Golf Course

I’ve heard and occasionally glimpsed this Great Horned Owl for the past two years.  A few nights out of the year he’ll spend the nighttime hours hooting in my backyard, but mostly he haunts the forest within Hansen Golf Course in Wauwatosa.  He’s normally […]