Prairie Chickens in Wisconsin’s Buena Vista Marsh

Greater Prairie Chicken Booming

One of nature’s annual phenomena that is both inspiring as well as entertaining that can still be witnessed is spring displays of the Greater Prairie Chickens on their booming grounds.  In early spring male prairie chickens come out to stake out a small speck of land on one of their […]

Blue-Spotted Salamanders in Spring

Blue Spotted Salamander in Waukesha County

Salamanders aren’t easy to find; unless you look for them at the right time of year in the right places.  I took a walk through some wet woods in a Waukesha County suburb here in Wisconsin and turned over 10 logs.  Of those ten, six logs had either […]


Black Vulture Soaring Over the White River in Arkansas

Saw my first Black Vulture today.  They’re smaller than Turkey Vultures and have light to almost white feathers on their wing tips.  Along the White River here in Arkansas, they’re hanging out on dead tree limbs as vultures do.

They’re not a numerous here as […]

Pileated Woodpecker

Photographed my first Pileated Woodpecker today.  As explained in a previous post,, this bird means a lot to me.  It helped me create my environmental ethic.  It felt good to finally snap a picture of it.  I was in Arkansas when I ran across this bird.  Now, only if it was an Ivory Bill…