So its a “Major Reputational Issue”

BP’s CEO, Tony Howard called the gulf oil spill a ‘major reputational issue’ on Monday.  While wildlife in the gulf is fighting for their lives, fisherman and others who make their life in the gulf are fighting for livelihoods, BP is worried about their reputation.  Sure their brand matters a lot to them, but com’on.  […]

Occassional Naturalist or Closet Environmentalist?

I’m proud of this young lady but at the same time disappointed in myself.

No Oil Haircut by Coral Pearce in Florida

I call myself an occasional naturalist, but really, I may be a closet environmentalist.  I find myself distraught and frustrated over the devastation that I know is occurring in the gulf right […]

Our Collective Disability

Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig

As a species, I believe we suffer from a disability.  It seems we are unable to grasp and address big, long-term problems.  In true political correctness, I’m wondering if this is a collective disability that most of the members of our species are afflicted with.

Unfortunately, this may be by […]