Mt. Katahdin

At the top of Baxter Peak on Mt. Khatadin

Apparently in addition to being an Occasional Naturalist, I’m also an out-of-shape one too.  My son and I hiked up Mt. Katahdin to Baxter’s Peak yesterday.  While we made the 11 mile round trip in a very respectable 7 hours, it kicked my butt.  Through […]

Whale’s Breath

Minke Whale surfacing

This is the only photo I was able to take of a Minke Whale on our whale watching tour.  We never did get a good look at whale, but what will stay with me in my memory is its breath.  I’ve smelled bad breath before, but never bad breath from 75 […]

Cold, Wet Feet

The rapidly disappearing bridge behind me

If I were more than an Occasional Naturalist, I would know a little bit more about tides.  I’ve probably made 20-25 trips to the ocean over the years, but tides still vex me.  I’ve lost most beach towel, clothes, and cooler to an incoming tide in La Jolla, […]