#328 – #320 on Sanibel Island

Saw my first Reddish Egret and a group of Snowy Plovers while take a walk on Sanibel Island.  The number of shorebirds was just amazing!








#321 – Harlequin Duck

These small ducks apparently like turbulent water.  I found this one between some ice flows at the mouth of the Milwaukee River this morning.

Harlequin Duck

#318 – Brown Creeper

Saw two Brown Creepers on a nice, crisp fall morning walk through the Schlitz Audubon Center.

#317 – Cackling Goose

Went down the lake front looking for a Snow Goose that was reported with a flock of Canada Geese, but also found this Cackling Goose as well.  Noticeably smaller, head round, and shorter bill.

Cackling Goose












Snow Goose (Dark Morph)



#308 – Went looking for shorebirds but found a Swamp Sparrow instead

Only a few Spotted Sandpipers on the beach, but found my first Swamp Sparrow instead!


Swamp Sparrow







Spotted Sandpiper


#305 – Mountain Chickadee

Saw my first Mountain Chickadee while camping at Crater Lake National Park.  A rather poor picture and a little touch to discern but the white supercilium is clearly visible.  Also, the entire body lacks the lower tan typically seen in the Pacific Black-capped Chickadees.






302 – 304 – Milwaukee County Grounds

The Milwaukee Country Grounds are in full bloom and offer a mix of grasslands, forest, as well as marsh.  Today was a particular good day with 21 different species including three new ones for me:  Bobolink, Eastern Pewee, and Eastern Kingbird.  Don’t know how I missed the last two as long as I have.

#301 – Nelson’s Sparrow

Saw my first Nelson’s Sparrow courtesy of an e-bird alert.  This little fella was hanging out along the Lake Michigan shore.

Nelson’s Sparrow Hiding in the brush

#300 Wilson’s Warbler

So many warblers yet to see.  They’re rather maddening to try and photograph tough.  Yet, another first, but a blurry one at that!

Wilson’s Warbler


#298 Common Chaffinch, #299 Short-toed Treecreeper

Was going through some photos of our trip to Portugal and was able to identify this Common Chaffinch and Short-toed Treecreeper that I saw back in April in Portugal’s Evora district.

Common Chaffinch













Short-toed Treecreeper